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01/09 # omg   sunggyu   favourite   wow   I like this so much   denim   headband  

140830 Gimpo Airport
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30/08 # your black hair is so painful to me   hoya   ultimate bias   ugh  
140830 Gimpo Airport
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30/08 # sungjong   lisa   is so going to burn   hoya looked so niceeeeeeeee ;___;;  
29/08 # lol   no comment   except hoya's hair is extremely attractive  
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27/08 # hoya   you look cute   kinda   maybe  

Yay or nay?

26/08 # infinite   hoodies   realized I made a logo mistake to... sigh   I suck at this   retirement is near   oh look at my pj shorts   opps   replies comments and inbox messages are much appreciated ^^   I realize that I have a women's xs while they probably have a M or L   Should the giveaway jacket logo be smaller and less obnoxious or??  


생일 축하합니다 열오빠~! Today is your 24th birthday! Hopefully you’re spending it well with lots of rest, good food, and good company. Another year older, another reason for you to be more loved. I love the person that you were, the way you are now, and I cannot help but to think of how much more exquisite you will be in decades to come. May you have many more birthdays in counting, my deerest. Thank you for all the beautiful things you’ve given to your fans and for being the answer to every question my heart could ask.

26/08 # sungyeol   eeks! ~   24thyeolday   happy birthday to you you ~  
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25/08 # hoya  
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23/08 # hoya   ;;;   baby   chestnut  
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22/08 # unfs   hoya   baby   i miss you   mic