I wonder if this is enough for the smell to stick on me...
16/10 # psycho pass 2   ugh psycho pass thursdays are back   holy crap   the feeling of having kogami in every episode but not having him really there   togane is kogami's ghost isn't he?   akane's second hand smoking habit probably came from ko smoking around her too much   (yeah smoking after winks)   yeah akane because smelling like ko is going to make you feel any better   and the scratch on that wall   legit thought ko did that (or they did that while ...)   honestly this otp is too painful   kogami lingers   kogami is everywhere   kogami is sybil   lol   1%   pp tag  
16/10 # infinite f  



14/10 # sunggyu   enjoy your day   midterms back to back   good luck to me  
11/10 # myungsoo   soo soo   favs and fabs  

I’m going to administer justice.

09/10 # 1%   psycho pass 2   ugh psycho pass thursdays are back   honestly I am so impressed   I was a little worried PP 2 might not deliver well or that it would be good but not great   but this was an extremely nice contrast to the akane we were introduced to in the 1st ep in S1   I mean remember when akane had to second guess herself for her actions   and asked if she had stood in the way of her team   and then kogami (like the sweeeet boyfriend he is) assured her that her decision was right   and that being a detective is a line of work that should protect people rather than bringing someone down   and praised her for putting justice before duty   and that because of those words akane didn't quit   the akane we knew since ep 1 in her principles didn't change much   but the way she's more assertive and looks out for her team   is such a nice and wonderful growth and maturing of our original 'missy'   not to mention that her logics and reasonings sound exactly like something ko would say   ever since the 1st ep of PP akane's justice has always been putting people first and protecting them   and I love that   essay rant  
08/10 # favs and fabs   hi guys I'm alive   ok not really   i am   but  

Nothing’s over 

05/10 # BABIES  
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28/09 # ot7   to borrow the words from my professor   fine specimens of life  


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26/09 # dongwoo   creature of the night