140901 Gimpo Airport Arrival
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인스피릿 멤버들~.~ 잘지내고 계신지요~흐흐 환절기인 지금 이때다 싶어 감기 들여놓지들 마시구요~.~아직 트위터만 하지만 인스타 아뒤 만들어 두었습니다! ddong_gg0 <요고입니다 오해 없으시길 캬컄ㅋ’♤’

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Psycho-Pass 2: October 9
18/09 # 1%   I will post no more about this but yeah   i am excite   ok now bye  


Okay so whenever I screen cap L, he comes out like a shining prince


and then I cap hoya and it’s just…what the fuck is going on


I can’t even…

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140831 | A NATION music festival 
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16/09 # hoya  
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13/09 # hoya   this is so painful to me   i had enough of hoya for one morning   early saturday mornings of break ft howon   wow can we just cuddle in bed today   >_>  

infinite  ogsr opening

13/09 # infinite   it's a saturday   please go enjoy your saturday   i miss you   guys  
can you make infinite hoodies again? ;-; theyre soooooo cool i think you can even sell them

I would love to make them soon again ;;; but I don’t have much time recently! I haven’t even finished the bomber back jackets yet ;AA; I’m sorry ;__; 

13/09 # replies   sorry for the late reply >_<   Anonymous